Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First T Ball Practice (No Pictures)

Ok so I guess I should title this post Mommy Fail! That is totally what I did. We were all excited about Ben's first Tball practice and I knew it would make a great post for tonight. To post about Tball practice you need pictures and to get pictures you need a camera and/or a working phone. Since I had neither I guess it was not meant to be!

Today was just one of those days! It was a super busy day when everything had to be perfectly timed. It got off to a rough start when my phone froze up and wouldn't work. So I just had to wait for the battery to run out. That took 12 hours. I had to go all day without a phone. How did we used to survive without a phone at all times?

So I rushed home from work to get Ben to practice on time and totally forgot the camera! Oh well. He had a great first practice. He had lots of fun and we think it is going to be a great season. Don't worry I will post lots of pictures from the next practice!