Thursday, March 1, 2012

He is 5!!!!!

Dear Ben,
Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!! I cannot believe that you are already 5 years old. It seems like just yesterday they were placing you in my arms for the very first time! It has been such a joy to be your mother and watch you grow up.

The change in you from age 4 to 5 has been huge! You have grown up so much and your independence is shining through. I love how you can get dressed by yourself and put on your own shoes. You can fix your own snacks and clean up after yourself. I can see you becoming more of an independent boy each day.
You have loved going to pre-K this year. You have learned so many new things including to write and read. Your coloring skills have also greatly improved and you actually enjoy coloring these days. You are a wonderful friend and love hanging out with your friends. All of the kids in the class get so excited when you walk into the room. You have such a fun personality and you love to laugh. You also have a very tender and sweet heart that is very compassionate. Praying for others is something you love to do.
You are such a fun little boy. Some of your favorite toys are legos and action figures. You are great at playing by yourself and with others. Your absolute favorite thing to do is play on our phones or watch movies!
One of your favorite things to do is learn new Bible stories. You love to hear about the Bible and what God and Jesus have done. You have begun to ask great questions about God. We can see your heart beginning to open Jesus and look forward to you accepting Him soon!
You really are an amazing little guy!! I feel so blessed to be your mom!! Happy Birthday!!!! Love you!


Katy Forester Brooks said...

Great pics!

Ann East said...

Love this 5 year old!
He is such a great little man!
Cannot wait to see what God has in store for his life!
Love, Granna & G'daddy