Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Disney Trip - Day 3

This post might get a little long because we packed a lot in on day 3! I promise the posts will start to get shorter. As the week went on we were redoing things so there are not as many pictures.
We started the day out early at Animal Kingdom! Neither Matt nor I had ever been to Animal Kingdom so we were excited about a new and fun experience as well. We scheduled an early morning breakfast in the park so we got to go in before the park opened. It was fun to get to walk through an almost empty park! Of course we had to pause for a picture in front of the big tree!
We had breakfast at the Tusker House restaurant! It was yummy food with an African flare. The restaurant was also very African themed.
Donald was the host of the breakfast so we got to meet him right outside the restaurant.
He was so fun and interactive! The kids loved him!
Both Matt and Mike had on Donald shirts so they also had to get a picture with Donald. He of course thought it was great they had shirts with him on it!
We all enjoyed the yummy food! This was Ben's super nutritious breakfast of Mickey waffles, fruit loops, a chocolate donut and bacon. Oh yes and jungle juice! We finally got to meet the main man - Mickey Mouse!!They also did a fun little parade with the characters and the kids got to play instruments!Kate was super excited to meet Daisy Duck!She was really short!And then we got to meet Goofy!Goofy really wanted a picture with Matt!We finished up breakfast just as the park was opening so we were able to run and be some of the first people on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride!The ride was really cool because we got to get up close and personal with so many animals! Going first thing in the morning meant most of the animals were awake and active. The giraffes got all around our jeep and were almost sticking their heads in. It was so neat!We got to see a baby elephant at the watering hole with its family. The lion was really cool! Kate kept saying "Lion King!" After the ride, we ran into some characters from one of our favorite movies - Jungle Book!Kate and King Louise had so much fun together!Then it was off to Asia! Had to stop for a picture in a pedicab. Kate did a great job as our navigator. The thing I was most impressed with in Animal Kingdom was all the cool architecture and details! Each of the areas was so specially designed and neat! In Asia we got to see some tigers. War Eagle!This was one of the really neat details that I just loved! All the cool flags.
Then we came upon Expedition to Everest!!! We told Ben that Expedition Everest was a roller coaster but I don't think he really knew what that meant. He said he wanted to ride it. We asked him about 20 times if he was sure and kept saying yes so off we went to ride it. We were actually on the first 2 rows which is just crazy!! Ben was so panicked the whole time! When it was over I asked him what he thought and he said it was scary but awesome. I asked if he wanted to ride it again and he said "NO WAY." I was still really proud of him to trying it and conquering Everest!
While we were riding Everest Kate found her favorite ride - the Triceratop Spin. She rode it 5 times with Mema!
Matt and I enjoyed Primeval Whirl all by ourselves!
We went and saw the "It's Tough to be a Bug" show inside the Tree of Life. It was really funny and we all enjoyed it! It was also really neat to get up close to the tree and see all the animals carved into it. It was a pretty warm day so we decided that we were up for the Kali River Rapids which is a ride you get soaked on! I think we were all more scared on it than on Everest because we didn't want to get soaked. We were spared and didn't get soaked but we did get pretty wet!We ran into Flik from Bugs Life!We went and saw the Lion King live show which was totally awesome! They had amazing dancers, singers and acrobats! It was so neat. There was even a guy who ate fire.
We got a quick bite to eat at the Flame Tree BBQ, which was probably one of our favorite counter service restaurants, before we left the park. We went back to the hotel for a nice long nap before heading out for the evening! Our next park to conquer was a big one - MAGIC KINGDOM!!! We were so excited to finally be there. We got our first glimpse at Cinderella's Castle. We were all so excited! This is a horrible picture of me but I had to include it!Our first stop was Adventureland where we rode Pirates of the Caribbean, Aladdin's Magic Carpets (we waited 25 minutes for this ride which was our longest wait all week), the Jungle Cruise and explored the Swiss Family Robinson TreeHouse. So much fun!!After our adventures we split up and the boys went to ride Buzz Lightyear while the girls stood in a long line to meet the faries!! Kate was so excited she could not wait to meet them. First she got to meet Rosetta the pink fairy. Kate's favorite thing to do was hug everyone!!
Then she got to meet Tinkerbell! Kate was in heaven. She showed Tink that she was on her shirt.
I had on my Tink shirt too so we had to get a picture with all of us in it. There is nothing mor magical than the castle all lit up at night. We all went and rode Buzz another time or two!We were all having such a good time that we decided to stay really late at the park. We went over the Fantasyland and explored some more. The crowds were all gone so we got to walk right up and ride all of the rides with no lines! Ben tried to pull the sword out of the stone!The teacups were a favorite ride for everyone!Of course we had to take a ride on the Royal Carousel! Really it was totally magical and so much fun!Around 11 we decided it was time to head back. Main Street was beautiful all lit up!It was another amazing day at Disney!!