Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Disney Trip - Day 1

The fun starts!! I will take a couple of days to recap our trip. There will be tons of pictures and you can just skip through them if you want but since this is our family scrapbook I am going to try to include as many as possible! We had an amazing trip!!!
We headed out on Sunday March 4th. We decided to fly and that was a great decision. From leaving our house to when we arrived in the first park was about 5 hours. You can't beat that. Here we are at the airport before we headed out...We had a direct 1 hour 20 minute flight. The kids enjoyed flying and it was a great flight.We took the Magical Express right to our hotel and quickly got checked in. We were met by our first Mickey! We stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter. It was a beautiful hotel and we loved it. Our room was very nice! The kids were so excited to be staying in a hotel. Since our first dinner was going to be with princesses Kate changed into her Belle dress!
Then we headed out! We wasted not time getting the show on the road. Really the whole trip was on the go! First stop was Epcot.We skipped the front part of Epcot and headed towards the back and the World Showcase. The Epcot Flower and Garden Show was going on while we were there so there were some amazing flower sculptures!Our little Belle with the Belle sculpture!We wondered around the world showcase for a while. It was neat seeing all the countries. The kids were not that interested in it. Hopefully we can go back with they are older and explore it more. We did run into our first characters! Aladdin and Jasmine. The kids were so excited to meet them. We had watched the movie Aladdin just the night before. I was so afraid that they would be shy or nervous with the characters but they weren't! One of my favorite moments of the whole trip was when Kate walked right up to Aladdin and gave him a princess twirl. He thought it was great! Kate loved giving hugs to all the characters!
More cool flower sculptures!While we were in China we got to meet Mulan!There was a beautiful sunset over the world showcase!Then we arrived in Norway for our dinner. Kate was so excited for dinner with princesses. It was a great dinner. The food was very yummy and a great atmosphere. The dinner was "hosted" by Belle. She was waiting just inside the door when we arrived. We got a family picture and a picture of Kate with her that were included in the dinner. Kate was in awe when she met Belle!!! Belle sat down on the ground to get on Kate's level. Kate wanted to be just like her so she sat down as well. It was so cute! She wanted to do everything Belle did.
As we ate 4 other princesses came around to our table. They were so fun! They were all beautiful and interactive. You could really see their personalities. First was Cinderella!They had a fun little parade through the restaurant where all of the kids got to walk with the princesses and wave. Ben and Kate loved it!Next we got to meet Sleeping Beauty (Princess Aurora). And then came Snow White.
Ben kept saying that all of the princesses were boring but I think he really enjoyed it. He liked talking to them and meeting them. Snow White was his favorite. They talked about their favorite dwarfs. Then was Ariel! She was very funny. We all enjoyed some great food. I highly recommend the meatballs with lingenberry sauce. Kate really enjoyed her ravioli!
After dinner, we walked around the World Showcase a little bit more and enjoyed a couple of the rides in Norway and Mexico. I had to try on a sombrero in Mexico!
We were all getting very tired after a long day of travel and excitement so we called it an early night (9:30 was an early night) and went back to the hotel to go to sleep. We had to rest up because there was a fun day at Hollywood Studios on Monday!


Simplicity By Christy said...

Oh My word!! You cannot beat that! SO FUN! I am so excited for all of you! Have a blast!