Tuesday, November 18, 2014

An Auburn Birthday Party

Kate asked if she could have an Auburn birthday party some day.  Since her birthday just happens to fall on the weekend of the Auburn/Georgia game most years it works out really well.  We decided to have her family party during the game and host a little tailgate for her birthday.  We had lots of yummy football type food.  
 We enjoyed our dinner while watching the game.  The first 3 minutes of the game went really well.  Auburn started off really well and we thought we might actually have a good game for the party.  Well, it didn't go well the rest of the game.  Auburn did not play any more after the first 3 minutes and we got clobbered.  It was not good but at least we had a fun party going and we had some fun distractions from the rough game.

 Kate got so many wonderful presents from her family.  Lots of Lego Friends, a scooter, a fun Cinderella bank, some dress up clothes and lots more fun things.
 Perry loved helping her open her presents.  Although he didn't quite get why the presents weren't for him.
 I kept the food simple including just buying some Auburn cupcakes for the cake.

 Ben distracted us some more from the game by doing some more magic tricks.  He was so cute and actually did a pretty good job.
 We finished up the night with pictures with the family and birthday girl.  Mema and Opa were really good sports since they are big Alabama fans.  They came in their orange and blue and cheered for Auburn and pretended to enjoy all the Auburn festivities.  I guess they will do anything for Kate!

It was a really fun evening (in spite of the game) and a perfect way to celebrate our little Auburn girl!