Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Full Fall Saturday

Fall Saturdays are usually full of fun including this past Saturday.  Our day was packed with fun.  It started early (really early) with Ben's last soccer game.  It was super cold (windchills in the 20's cold) so Kate and I didn't make it to the game (we stayed in our warm beds).  Ben had a good game and finished up the season with a trophy.  We are so proud of how well he has done this season.  He has improved so much and really enjoyed soccer.  
 Then it was off to the fall festival at Ben's school.  I think a better name for it would be Organized Chaos Festival.  It is just a crazy time of kids running around getting more candy.  The kids love it and it raises money for the school so we do it.  The kids really enjoyed the cake walk and stuffed animal walk.  Thankfully it was all inside due to the cold.
 We finished up the day watching the Auburn Tigers play Ole Miss.  This was a huge game with big implications for playoffs.  We went over to our friend the Newbys new house and hung out with friends.  It was a nail biting game until the last minute but thankfully the Tigers pulled it out in the end!!  Still lots of big games to go.
I love fall Saturdays that are full of fun activities!