Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Growing up my dad always wanted to visit Civil War battlefields but none of us were interested.  He finally has a buddy in Ben who is interested in wars.  Ben loves reading and learning all he can about wars.  My dad loves talking with him about it.  They went off on a little adventure today to visit the Chicamauga battlefield.  
 They left out early and enjoyed breakfast at Huddle House and then spent hours exploring the battlefield.  They had fun tracing the movements of the unit that some of our ancestors were in.  Ben seemed to have a great time and came home full of stories.

 Ben got behind the camera some and took some great pictures as well.

Looks like they had a wonderful day.  Such a special way to spend Veterans Day.  Thankful for the tradition of military service in our family that is being passed down to the next generation.