Sunday, November 30, 2014

Decorating for Christmas & The Iron Bowl

Yesterday was a great day for getting ready for Christmas.  We did a little bit of shopping in the morning and then it was time to get the tree and other decorations up.  It is always such a struggle to get all the lights on the tree working.  Matt spent about 2 1/2 hours working on it.  Ugh!
 We enjoyed a low key dinner of pizza before the game and decorating.
 The kids had a great time putting the ornaments on the tree and talking about where we got them from.

 It looks beautiful!  I love Christmas decorations and how cozy it makes the house feel.
 Then it was time for the Auburn/Alabama game.  Since Auburn has been on a downward spiral the last few weeks, we weren't too excited for the game because we thought it was going to be a total blowout.  We didn't make plans with anyone to watch the game because nothing worse than being around people when Alabama beats us up.  We did get some fun cupcakes.
 Much to our surprise Auburn played really well.  We were not embarrassed.  In fact we actually had the lead at halftime and the whole 3rd quarter!!!  It was really fun to watch.  We had to take a halftime selfie because we were enjoying actually being ahead!  
Things fell apart for Auburn in the 4th quarter and we ended up losing.  Hate that Alabama fans will have bragging rights for a year but at least we gave them a bit of a scare.  

Ben made a bet with a friend at school that if Alabama won he would have to wear an Alabama hat.  So today Ben "paid up" on his bet and wore this hat.  It is not his color!!!
Well, tomorrow it is back to the grind.  Ugh!  We sure have enjoyed the relaxing Thanksgiving break.  Hard to believe Christmas is only 25 days away!!!