Monday, November 10, 2014

Quick Phone Pic Dump

I had several pictures from the past few days on my phone so I thought I would a random post with some phone pictures.  Last Thursday Matt was out for the evening so the kids and I had a great time playing games together.  Kate is getting really good at playing games these days.  
 She then fell asleep in my arms which was really sweet.
 I have been on a major clean out/purge the last week.  Trying to make room for new toys and stuff that will be coming with birthdays and Christmas.  This is what I cleaned out of the kids rooms.  Crazy that we have so much stuff!!
 I also cleaned the playroom!  That never happens so it is nice to have it clean (at least for a few hours).
We had a great weekend.  I didn't take many pictures but that's ok.  Friday night Matt and I got to have a date night.  We went to dinner then came home and watched a movie.  Saturday Ben met some of his friends from school at the movies to see Big Hero 6.  We then watched the sad Auburn game.  It was a hard loss!  To drown our sorrows we went and had nerdy game night at Andrew and Kelly's house.  We enjoy our games!
 Kate was totally worn out after a long Saturday.  Love how she fell asleep with her hands folded.
The weather has been beautiful the past few days so we have been trying to get outside as much as possible before it gets cold.  
 Ben's school had a Veteran's Day program tonight.  It was great and patriotic!  Thankful for a school that teaches the importance of the USA and our veterans.