Monday, November 17, 2014

Pizza & Pajamas

We kicked off Kate's birthday party celebrating on Friday night with a Pizza & Pajamas party.  She wanted a fun night with her girl friends from school.  It was a super low key night and perfectly wonderful!
She was so excited and could not wait for her friends to get to the party!!
 I got some cute little aprons on Amazon and Matt's mom monogrammed them for each of the girls.  I also got some fun chef hats for the girls to decorate.
 The decorations were simple streamers and balloons (like I said I kept it simple).
 Kate requested a cookie cake.  She wanted Barbie plates and napkins so we went with a Barbie shoe on the cake.
 The girls arrived at 5:30 and there was lots of squealing and laughing.  First up they decorated their hats.  Lots of creativity in these girls!

 Then they each got an individual pizza to make.  The got to top it with whatever they wanted.  There were all sorts of interesting creations!

 Loved this group of little chefs!  They had so much fun together all night.  It was great to have girls that are in class together each day.  They know each other so well and had such sweet conversations!
 The fun 5 year old chef Kate!
 While the pizzas were cooking, Ben put on a little magic show.  It was cute!  He did a great job and the girls loved it.
 They then ate their pizzas.  I was surprised at how much they actually ate.  They had so much fun.

 It was then cake time!
 And then present time.  The girls were all so excited to give Kate her gifts.  Kate loved all the gifts and was so appreciative.

 After presents, the girls snuggled up and watched a movie.  Well that really didn't last all that long but they were so sweet playing together, singing and dancing.
 It was a perfect little party.  So easy but I think the girls had so much fun!  Kaylee and Paige stayed after the party and spent the night.  It was the first time they had all spent the night together.  They did great!  They watched a movie and then went right to sleep.
 They actually slept until 6:30 (that is late around our house).  We enjoyed waffles and bacon before the girls went home.
It was the perfect start to the "weekend of Kate."