Thursday, December 11, 2014

2014 Ornaments

I always like to include a post on the new ornaments we have on our tree each year.  That way there will be a record of when we got them.  This year's ornaments are all about Disney.  I guess that sums up our year!  

I got this Rapunzel shoe when we went to Disney back in February.  Since I ran the 1/2 marathon as Rapunzel I thought this was perfect to remember that special accomplishment and the fun trip Matt and I had.  
 We did things a little different this year with the kid's ornaments.  Matt and I usually pick them out but this year while we were at Disney in October they both found ones they wanted so we just let that be their ornament for the year.  Kate picked out this cute Tinkerbelle.  She even lights up which is really cool!
 This is the ornament I got to remember our family Disney trip in October.
 And this is Ben's ornament for the year.  I have been looking for a Chip and Dale ornament for him for years.  He loves Chip and Dale so it is perfect!!
 And finally our yearly Potter Barn frame ornament.  We have one of this for every year since we have been married.  Love seeing how our family has changed over the years.  We have 12 of them on the tree now.  My goal is to one day do a tree with only these ornaments on it.