Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Morning

Our Christmas morning was just perfectly magical!!!  Matt and I were both up at 5 am ready to go.  Didn't hear from the kids until 6:45.  Ha!  We enjoyed some quiet time by the tree.  
 Santa left the kids some fun things.  Kate got lots of Sofia things along with the guitar and microphone she really wanted.
 Ben got lots of Legos and the hammock he asked for.
 The kids were so excited when the finally got up!!
 They immediately ran to check out their gifts!!

 The book on WW1 was Ben's favorite thing.

 Matt and I had fun digging into our stockings.  Coming up with stocking stuffers is always a challenge but lots of fun to see what we get!

 We both got each other a lighter.  Ha!
 Kate and I both got fingernail polish and necklaces in our stockings.
 Then it was time to open the presents under the tree.  We do 4 presents for each other under the tree. The kids were so excited about the presents they picked out for each other.

 Matt loved his State of Auburn shirt.
 Then it was time for the big presents.  Kate had been asking for an American Girl doll...
 And she was super surprised when she got it!!!
 Ben didn't have any idea what was in his really heavy present under the tree.  We had told him it was a box of bricks...
 But it was a Wii U!!!  He was so excited.
 We took a break for our traditional Christmas breakfast of cinnamon rolls and pigs in a blanket.  Yummy!!
 Then it was time to play.  We spent all morning in our pjs enjoying our new things!  It was wonderful!!!

It was the perfect Christmas morning - laid back and full of fun!!