Tuesday, December 30, 2014

East Family Christmas

We had one more fabulous Christmas to celebrate on Christmas night.  The traditional East family evening of fun!!  I love Christmas night at my parent's house.  It has become such a wonderful tradition.  
 My mom always cooks her famous lasagna!!  It is amazing!!  We've been having it for many years.
 The kids then get to open all their presents.  It is pretty much mass chaos but oh so much fun!!
 It was so much fun to see Perry open all of his presents.  He got so excited about them.
 Ben was excited to get some new Odyssey CDs, a soccer goal, new games and lots of history books.  She was in heaven!!
 Kate was in heaven with horse stuff, jewelry and Barbies.  She was happy playing all night!
I just love how festive my parent's house is.  Such special memories!!
 The kids got got on their PJs and snuggled up in Granna and Grandaddy's bed to watch Frozen.  Perry is a bit obsessed with Anna and Elsa.  They were so cute!
 Then the adults got to open all our presents.  It is always so much fun!!  There are lots of great presents but also some really fun traditions and funny presents.  Kelly got me this awesome bacon cookbook from Ben!
 Andrew got this huge mason jar for Matt to remind him of our dinner at Whispering Canyon dinner at Disney.
 And of course there was the mint jelly that has been going around for 6 years.  Yummy!!
 We were up way to late opening presents and having fun.  We all spent the night there.  We do it once a year and it is so much fun.  The kids woke up early to play Legos by the fire.
 We had a yummy breakfast of beignets and sausage!
It is the perfect way to finish up the Christmas season!!  It really was the most wonderful time of the year.  So thankful for the wonderful gift of Jesus.  As Kate said in her prayer "we love all our presents but thank you God for the best gift of Jesus."  So thankful we get to celebrate Jesus!