Tuesday, July 14, 2015

3,2,1 Blast Off....

I sort of feel like a bad parent because Ben and Kate had never been to the Space & Rocket Center.  When you have a big national attraction in your hometown I guess it sometimes gets overlooked by locals.  Truth be told I hadn't been in 25 years probably.  Because of that I put it on our summer list of fun to make sure we went.  Saturday Matt had to work so the kids and I headed across town to check it out!
 It has changed so much since I was a kid.  There are not the same old displays but did have some new and exciting things.  We had fun exploring and checking it all out.  Kate and her super excited personality thought it was great!
 Kate and Ben as astronauts.

 They of course thought the little kiddie ride were totally awesome!
 Checking out the tiny little capsules that were on the first rockets.
 A real moon rock...
I am glad we went and checked out this national landmark in our backyard.  It was a fun morning of just hanging out with my sweet kiddos!


Amy said...

Ive been reading your blog for awhile now and reading this post cracked me up.We live in Lucille balls hometown and dont think any thing of it to go to her childhood homes,visit the museums or go find her gravesite and I guess we take niagra falls for granted as well as it's just a couple hours away.Anyways it looks like a fun day you and the kids had