Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#BeachWrEck2015 Part 2

Here are a few more pictures to round out our beach trip of the year.  I never take many pictures at the beach.  Too busy having fun and relaxing.  Every morning the girls would curl up together and play on the ipad.  So cute!
 It takes a bunch of stuff for 8 people to survive on the beach for a few hours.  Ha!  It looked like we were moving to the beach each morning.
 The water was like a lake on the days we were playing the beach.  The kids were not too happy about not getting to play in the waves but it meant that they got to float way out in the ocean.
 Being on the beach makes you hungry.  I think the best part of beach time is the snacks!

 We headed out to the Crab Trap for dinner one night.  The kids love it there because there is a playground.

 We had to do our traditional trip to the Ferris Wheel at The Warf.  LeeAnn is the only adult brave enough to do it so poor thing has to go up with all 4 kids.
 Anytime the Eckleys and Wrights get together there has to be a cookie cake so we found this awesome beach themed one.
 Our favorite part of the trip is getting to hang out and play games.  We stay up so late each night playing games.  Settlers is the favorite but we also played card games this year that Ben joined us for.  Can't believe he is big enough to hang with the adults.  Don't think anyone went to bed before midnight any night.
  We had lots of lazy pool time!
 And Connect Four tournaments when it was raining outside.
 Sweet girls like sleeping together!
 A new tradition has been to go get beignets at a local cafe for breakfast!
 Our kids are not big sand fans but they did spend a little time playing in the sand and building some castles.

We had an amazing time as always.  Can't wait for next years trip!!