Thursday, July 9, 2015

Spring Valley Beach

One of our favorite summer traditions is to hit a water park for a day of fun.  Thankfully Matt got today off so we quickly scheduled our trip and decided to try out a new location - Spring Valley Beach.  It is about an hour away but we had never been.  We were super impressed.  Tons of fun slide and things to do.  It was also fairly compact which made it easy to get around and give the kids some freedom.  They were so excited for the day!
 It is a little scary when you have to wear helmets on a ride but it was actually really fun.  Ben and Evan went down these slides probably 50 times.  They just did it over and over.

 You can't see Kate really well but she is on that float with Matt.  This was a dark tunnel slide that was full of blind twists and turns.

 They also have a HUGE pool that was tons of fun including some slides on docks in the middle of the pool.
 We love going to with the McClures each year.  These guys always have so much fun together!
Six hours in the sun will wear you out!!  We are all exhausted and will sleep well tonight.  It was such a fun day and we can't wait to go back next year!