Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Star is Born

Friday was also the end of Kate's theater camp.  She had an absolute blast at the camp.  They got to learn about monologues, improv, character development and stage presence.  Kate loved every minute!  She was so excited on Friday because they were putting on a little play for family and friends.  
 Their play was "The Day the Crayons Quit."  It is a really cute book that we have read and love so it was so fun to see it brought to life.  Each girl was a crayon that went on strike for different reasons.
 Kate was the pink crayon and she was on strike because she was unused by the boy who owned their box.  She started out with a cute dance and song.  She owned the stage!

 Then it came time for her monologue.  She memorized a one minute monologue and presented it flawlessly.  She was so cute!!  She got so many laughs and did amazing!!

 Kaylee came to see her play which was super exciting.
 We are so proud of this girl!!!  Seeing her up there acting brought tears of pride to my eyes.  She shines on stage!  I think we have found her "thing" with theater.  She is so excited to get to take theater classes this fall to continue learning and performing.