Monday, July 20, 2015

Winshape Camp

Last Friday was a crazy day finishing up the week of camps for everyone.  It was parent's day at Winshape Camp so I got to go see what all Ben had been up to all week.  He was in the Jellyfish group and his 3 skills were Secret Ops (or Will Smith Fan Club since they were trying to be secretive), Wacky Science and Flag Football.  I got to see him at Wacky Science to kick off the day.  
 Then it was off to Flag Football which was his favorite thing of the week!  He loved it!
 They had a game and Ben did awesome playing Center and getting is some good blocks and take downs.

 I had to leave but my dad got to stay with him for the worship time and see what they had learned all week.  Ben said he just danced because Grandaddy was there but I think he really danced all week.
He had such a fun week at camp.  The days were long and hot but Ben loved it!