Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summertime Fun Catch Up

With all the vacation posts I am so very far behind on what we have been up to since we got back.  We have spent many hours at the pool!!!  The day after we got back we spent about 6 hours in the water.  These guys are turning into fish.  
 We have had lots of fun playing with our neighborhood friends.  Shaving cream on the table was one of my favorite things when I was little so it was fun to introduce the girls to it one day.
 We took our annual trip over to the drive in movie a couple of weeks ago with the Johnsons.  We tried out a new place in Boaz that was smaller.  We crammed all 9 of us in 1 van so we paid
$15 for all of us to see 2 new movies.  The kids (and us adults) loved Inside Out.  This is becoming one of our favorite summer traditions!

 I have been working on several projects around the house.  Summer is such a great time for getting things done.  I got new curtains for Kate's room (since she destroyed her other ones).
 We have been working on a project wall for the Auburn room that I can't wait to show you!
 Did I mention we have been doing a lot of swimming.  I had to bribe Kate to go down the slide with ice cream but now she goes down 100 times each visit.
 We have loved playing with friends at the pool.  I think every 3rd grade boy in the neighborhood is at the pool most days.  They have so much fun having water gun fights!

 We had a fun sleepover one night with Addy and Evan.  They had a blast playing on the blow up mattress.

 And then we went to the free movie the next day which was lots of fun!
Needless to say we have been staying busy!  I love summertime!  Sad to think about summer already being 1/2 over.  We will just try to focus on all the fun still be be had!