Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Campers

This is a big week - camp week!  The kids have been looking forward to their respective camps all summer.  Ben is going to Winshape Camp each day.  It is a fun camp that is put on by Chic fil A.  We have heard it is an amazing experience.  He was so excited this morning.  
 It was already fun in the first 5 minutes when they had to run through the counselors and get hit by pool noodles.  It is a long day from 7:45-5 each day.  He is going to have a blast!
 When we were looking at camp options for Kate this week we found the perfect option - theater camp.  Our drama queen is going to excel at being on stage.  She was so excited to get to go to camp and put on a play at the end of the week.
It will be a busy week around here but so much fun!  Can't wait to share what all they do and learn at the end of the week.