Thursday, November 17, 2011

Birthday Fun

We had an awesome time celebrating Kate's birthday yesterday! We like to make a big deal of birthdays around our house. It is the one day of the year it is all about the birthday person. So the fun began in the morning when Kate woke up! We all went into her room to sing Happy Birthday to her! Since she was born at 2:16 am she was already 2!!
She had a blast playing with the balloons before the day got started.

Matt always takes off the kids birthdays. It is a fun way for him to show them how special they are! So we dropped Ben off at school and then Matt, Kate and I went to Chick-fil-a for breakfast.

Kate and I went to BSF which is our regular Wednesday thing. After it was over, Matt and Ben picked us up and we went out to lunch at Red Robin.

Kate loved them singing her happy birthday and the fun ice cream sundae they brought her!

After naptime, Kate opened up the presents from us. Ben was so excited to give her the Ariel bath doll he got her.

Kate loves her Ariel!! She hasn't put her down!

She also got a Minnie DVD, Minnie dress and Minnie doll set from us! Do you see a theme?

And then it was time to party!!!