Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Costume Fun

I just have to drag out the Halloween posts a little longer I guess. Last week I got a tip from a friend that a store called Dirt Cheap (it is now my new favorite store) had all Halloween costumes for $1. Yes $1 for some good costumes. I made the trek across town to check it out. I came out with an armload of costumes for the dress up box. The kids had a great time trying them on and posing for pictures.

We have Mario


GI Joe Ninja

Spidergirl Dorothy



They have had so much dressing up. I got several more for Christmas gifts for them. I love great deals that lead to lots of fun!!


Anonymous said...

So CUTE! OK, this is exactly my point, we do all the same things! We went to Dirt Cheap too and got the $1 costumes, although now I can see why there weren't many cute ones left for little girls ;). It was great to see you tonight!

Unknown said...

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