Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fish Sitting & A Funny

We are enjoying a glorious day before Thanksgiving. The kind where you stay in PJs until noon and just watch movies and play games. The kids and I are really enjoying it. We are excited to have Daddy off starting tomorrow for 4 whole days!!! It has been a long time since he has been off so it sure will be nice! Our Thanksgiving plans are really low key so hopefully we will have a nice relaxing weekend.

A couple of things...

We are fish sitting for our neighbors fish Oscar. The kids are loving it!! They fight over who gets to feed him and they love just watching him swim.

And a Ben funny I have been meaning to write down...

A house on our street got rolled over the weekend. We were driving by and Ben said "They must be Auburn fans." You know that you are true Auburn fans when your kids don't think rolling is a bad thing but a show of fan loyalty!!


ann said...

That fish tank looks kinda cloudy! Sure hope the fish doesn't bite the dust (or float to the top) on ya'lls watch!