Thursday, March 15, 2012

Disney Trip - Day 6

We enjoyed our low key day off and were ready to hit the parks hard again! Most mornings we ate breakfast in our hotel. Since it was New Orleans themed they had beignets. We of course all got them!Friday was all about Epcot! We were ready to explore Future World and see what all it had to offer. First up we rode Test Track! Ben was a little nervous since it went so fast but he ended up loving it. My hair got a little messed up on the ride!Next we rode Mission Space. We did the easier green side. There had been some issues with the ride originally so there were so many warnings on this ride. We were all a little nervous about it but it was fun and not bad at all. Ben was excited he got to be the Commander of our mission. While we were riding those rides Kate and Mema hung out in Tinkerbell's playground! This was added for the flower show and Kate loved it! Then it was finally time for Soarin! This is the most popular ride in all of the parks and there is always over an hour wait for it. I had run and gotten fastpasses so we were able to ride with a very little wait. It is an awesome ride and we all enjoyed it so much. We were actually about to get 3 sets of fastpasses and ride it 3 times!

Then we headed over to Nemo and Friends!And saw the Turtle Talk with Crush show. We had lunch at the Mexico pavilion. Kate loved the churros.
As we headed back to the bus I went to get more Soarin fastpasses so I was by myself and I ran into Stitch. There was no line so I decided to get an autograph and picture by myself. We rested and then came back to the park for more fun in the evening. We had dinner at the Garden Grill. It was a fun restaurant because it rotates all through the dinner. It is also hosted by Chip and Dale which are Ben's favorite characters. He was so excited to get to meet them. The food was excellent! It is served family style and is all healthy options many of which are actually grown in Epcot.
The characters were super interactive at this restaurant. It is smaller so they have more time to spend with you. Chip and Dale were so excited that Ben loved them so much!Kate was getting a little antsy towards the end of dinner so she was watching a Mickey Mouse cartoon on my phone. Mickey came by and enjoyed watching himself with Kate! It was funny!
Our waitress brought us all some tattoos to wear. I should have done a better job taking pictures around Epcot because it was so pretty. I was just so busy having fun! I did get this picture of a flower butterfly.
We had to get the kids a classic Mickey ice cream bar before the nighttime fireworks. We lined up early to get a place to watch the Illuminations show. The kids enjoyed the glow in the dark jewelry we brought from home (I got it at the dollar store - much cheaper than what they sell in the park). The fireworks and show were great!!It was a fun way to end the day! We enjoyed all that Epcot had to offer.