Monday, June 2, 2014

A Night On The Red Carpet

Saturday night was the big night for Miss Kate!!  Her very first dance recital.  It was so much fun!!!  The theme this year was "Night on the Red Carpet."  Most of the songs were from Broadway shows.  Kate loved getting all "dolled up" and ready for the show.  

Her little class has been so sweet.  There were 8 little girls in the class.  They had so much fun.  Mrs. Haley their teach is awesome!!!  She is so good with "her babies."  They did a tap dance to "On Broadway."  It was such a cute little dance.  All of these pictures are from the dress rehearsal because we couldn't take pictures during the show.  Kate did amazing during the dance.  We are so proud of her.  She smiled so big and did all the moves great!  One of the little girls was out of place and that bothered Kate through the whole dance.  She kept looking at her and pointing.  It was funny.

I just love their costume!  So cute!  Perfect for a Broadway show.  

It has been so much fun having these sweet girls dance together all year.  Kate got them each a cookie with their name on it to celebrate their big night.  
 So thankful so many of our friends and family came up to support Kate.  Kate was so excited that Addy was there.
 Perry loved watching all the dances.  He sat and clapped and danced along.  It was so cute!

 Instead of lots of flowers we got a local lady to make her a cookie bouquet.  It was so cool!  She did a great job of including elements from the dance.
 It was such a great night!!  We are so proud of our little girl!!!