Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Family Camp Part 1

So I'm not real sure how to document Family Camp.  I didn't take a lot pictures because we were really trying to "unplug" enjoy the moment.  I think I am just going to post the pictures I took in order and tell the story as it unfolds.  It might not make a ton of sense but hopefully I will get it all.  

Like I said this was a total last minute God thing for us to get to go on the trip.  We had no idea what to expect but it turned out awesome!  We got in late Sunday night and unpacked and went to bed. Camp didn't officially start until 5:30 on Monday so we had a low key relaxed day the whole day.  It was great.  We explored the camp some and played on the beach some!

 Kate's favorite part of camp was the playground.  It was right on the beach in the middle of camp which was great.  She probably spent 8-9 hours there during the week.  She loved it!
 Ben's favorite part of camp was Ga Ga ball!  After a week I still don't quite get all the rules but all of the kids love it!  She spent hours playing it.
 Camp kicked off with dinner and our first session on Monday night.  After session we enjoyed cookies and milkshakes back in the Lodge.  Can I just say the food was amazing!  Not your typical camp food.  Super yummy and fun.  The kids loved it!
 We stayed up way to late every night!  I don't think the kids were in bed before 10:30 any night but it was ok.  It was beautiful to watch the sun set each night over the lake.
 The only activity required at camp was the sessions.  We had worship time together as a big group.  Then the kids went off to their classes.  They were great with awesome lessons and lots of fun games.  Our speaker for the week was Tom Harmon.  We really enjoyed him.  I don't think I have ever heard someone speak that knew the Bible as well as he did.  He has entire books of the Bible memorized.  It was amazing!
 Each afternoon after lunch there was free time and then scheduled games and activities.  They were family oriented and lots of fun.  On Tuesday there was a game where you had to complete a log puzzle while other people threw water balloons at you.  It was fun.  Our team did pretty well.  
 Tuesday night is "world famous pretzel" night at life action camp.  Everyone gets to make their own pretzels that are then baked.  They were delicious!!!!  You will see the blonde teenager is some of our photos.  This was our family assistant for the week - Ileana.  Each family with young kids is assigned and assistant.  They help with anything related to the kids.  It is awesome!!!!  She helped the kids with their trays at meals.  She would take them and play with them after meals.  She would watch them so Matt and I could rest in the afternoons.  Like I said awesome!!
 Here are our family pretzel creations!
 Wednesday was a rainy day in the morning and afternoon so all the activities were moved inside.  They did a great job of still having fun stuff to do.  Ben loved playing 9-square.
 Wednesday night is "date night."  The kids all get together for pizza and a magic show while the parents are treated to a fancy dinner in the Lodge.  We then had 2 hours to get away on our own.  We went to the town of St. Joseph.  It is right on Lake Michigan and was beautiful!!  We enjoyed some time together and relaxed.

 And we ate this wonderful creation!!!
The goal of camp is to allow families to get away from it all and relax and reconnect together.  I can truly say that is what we were able to do.