Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Campers

It has been a crazy few weeks with all the camps the kids have been going to.  Between family camp, sports camp, day camp and art camp we have had lots of campers in the family!  It has been awesome.  This week Ben has been a day camp at the church where Kate goes to school.  He absolutely loved it.  They had games, crafts, bowling, inflatables and lots of other fun.  He came home everyday with great stories.  So glad he was able to go along with several of his buddies from school and the neighborhood.  
 Kate has been looking forward to art camp all summer.  I had heard about an awesome art teacher who does camps during the summer.  The children paint a different canvas each day.  So at the end of the week you have 5 beautiful works of art.  Lately, Kate has really gotten into art so I knew it was perfect for her.  Kaylee went with her and it was amazing!  I am so proud of how well she did and the beautiful art she did.  Monday was a kitty and bee.  She named the cat Bologna.
 Tuesday was these awesome birds she named Kaylee, Paige, Kate and Cheese.
 Wednesday was this awesome African inspired painting.  Matt had asked Kate for a painting to hang in his office.  This one is perfect for him because of his trip to Africa.
 Thursday they used tissue paper and glue to make these beautiful flowers.
 And finally today were these fun cowboy boots.
So thankful for all of the special experiences the kids have had this summer.  But I sure am looking forward to a more low key week next week!  No more camps!