Monday, June 16, 2014

A Weekend to Celebrate

It was a big weekend to celebrate around the Eckley house.  Not just Father's Day but also lots of other fun things.  Friday was the 1 year anniversary of Chic fil a opening just 4 miles from our house.  We have frequented the restaurant quite often over the past year so we had to go celebrate the big anniversary with lunch.  Kids loved seeing the cow and getting free cookies.  
 Friday night we had a pizza dinner and swimming time with the Wrights.  Their pool is really awesome and everyone had a great time!

 Saturday was our 11th anniversary!!  Woo hoo!!!  Hard to believe it has been that long!!  You know you've passed that newlywed stage when you spend your anniversary doing yard work.  Ha!!  We did go out to dinner in the evening.  We went to The Bottle.  We had to continue our tradition of going somewhere different each year.  It was nice and we enjoyed an evening together!

Sunday was all about celebrating Father's Day so that will just have to be a separate post!