Monday, June 9, 2014

Road Trip!!!!

Well, we are back from a big summer adventure.  Last week we took off on a massive road trip to Michigan for Family Camp.  A couple of months ago our neighbors mentioned that the family camp they went to last summer was having a 50% off sale for new families to go.  It worked out amazingly for us to go with it being Matt's one free week off.  So we decided within about 30 minutes to take a road trip to Michigan.  I loved having a trip where we didn't make any plans and just went.  That is so not me but it worked out great!  

This was the longest road trip we had ever been on as a family.  We headed out around 6 am Sunday morning.  Everyone was excited and ready to go!  
 Kate did lots of coloring.
 Ben did lots of reading.  They were both great!  They are such great travelers.
 In a totally un Emily move, as we were rolling along I saw a sign for Abraham Lincoln's birthplace in Kentucky.  I told Matt to pull over and we just stopped.  We had a great time checking it out!
Ben has read a lot about Abraham Lincoln this past year and really likes him so he loved it!
 The park was really neat with a cool monument built to honor the place where Lincoln was born.
 This is a replica of the cabin that he was born in.
 Selfie with my girl (only way I get into pictures).
 We even got to go under ground to the spring where Lincoln's family got water.
 Ben really wanted me to take a picture of him wearing this Civil War hat for Grandaddy.
 After our stop it was back on the road.  We were driving through Indiana and got to Indianapolis and again I told Matt to pull over for us to check out downtown Indianapolis.  They had this amazing monument to veterans in the middle of the city.  
 We of course had to get a picture of the kids in front of the Indiana capital building.  We are marking off those capital buildings.  Hope to hit them all before they leave us!
 Then it was back on the road.  We had a planned dinner stop in South Bend, Indiana.  We wanted to check out Notre Dame's campus.  It was beautiful.  First stop was to find "Touchdown Jesus."
 Family selfie with Touchdown Jesus!
 Being such big college football fans, we had to check out the football stadium.  It was not nearly as impressive as Jordan-Hare.
 We loved seeing all the old buildings on campus.  The chapel was amazing!
 We got a bite to eat at the South Ben Chocolate Cafe.  I mean who doesn't want to eat dinner there!

 We hit the road for the last 30 minutes of the journey.  It took us about 13.5 hours but we finally made it to Michigan!!!!  The trip was a blast.  I loved seeing so many neat sites along the way as a family.
We were so excited to begin our week of camp!!!