Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chore Chart

I knew that this summer I wanted to begin teaching the kids how to do chores.  We have been pretty lax in having them do chores but I wanted to change that!  I did lots of Pinterest research to come up with a good/cheap/simple chore chart.  I sort of combined several into my own creation.  It turned out super cute and was really easy.  
 I got pizza pans at the dollar store and spray painted them bright colors.  I got little wooden circles from Hobby Lobby and Mod Podged chores that I had printed out on to them.  I glued a magnet onto the back and it was ready to go.  Very easy and inexpensive.  I think I spent around $10 on all of it.  I picked simple tasks around the house that they can help with along with some school work for each day.  I like that I can easily change out what they have to do each day.
 So far they are loving the chore chart!  They can't wait to see what chores they have to do that day.  I know the newness will wear off but for now I am really enjoying it.  Their rooms have never been so clean!!