Friday, June 13, 2014

Family Camp - Part 2

In the last post on camp I made it through Wednesday.  So starting with Thursday...  Our room had bunk beds which were lots of fun for the kids.  They would rotate who slept on top.  We were always nervous when Kate was on top that she would fall off.  One night we heard a big thump and jumped up assuming Kate fell off the top.  It was actually Ben who fell off the bottom bunk!  Ha!  He was fine.  
 I think I mentioned it before but the food was amazing!!  Not your normal camp food.  So yummy.  Even our picky kids loved it and ate it up.
 The boys loved hanging out in the game area playing foseball and ping pong.  It was such a great time to relax and just have fun playing together.
 And of course Kate was at the playground with Ileana!
 And Ben played Ga Ga ball.
 This was our "cabin" for the week.  It was really like a hotel room.  It was nice.  Just the bathroom was a little small.  We enjoyed the screened in porch.
 Thursday afternoon for activity time was a giant slip and slide.  We had to grab tennis balls as we slid.  I was the only mom the jumped in a played.  It was a lot of fun!

 Matt and I enjoyed a fun spin around the lake in a canoe.  It was great to have some time together.

 We then get some time on the ski boat.  Each family got 30 minutes on the boat.  The kids were excited for their first time tubing.
 Kate and I were up first.  It was so much fun.  I was nervous the whole time that she would go flying out.  But she did great and we were flying over the water.
 Matt and Ben were next.  They were really going!!  It was fun to watch.  Both kids were smiling so big.  They loved it.

 Love this cute picture of Kate!
 Thursday night was ice cream night along with Ga Ga ball and carpet ball tournament.  We also enjoyed getting to visit with other families around the fire.  It was really chilly this night so the fires were needed to stay warm.

 Friday activity time was all about the beach and water games!  Kate was ready!
 Matt and Ben did the blob!!!  It was so funny to see Ben go flying.  He did a belly flop at one point so that ended his blob fun.  Matt competed in the blob competition and jumped off the high platform.  It was so much fun to watch.
 Kate had so much fun playing in the water and on the beach with her friend Daisee.  They got to be such great friends over the week.
 Ben competed in the "Titanic" game where they had to sink the other canoe.
 Matt competed in the swimming ball competition.  His team won!
 Ben also competed in a canoe race and spoon grab.  All of the games were so much fun and well organized.

 My favorite game was carpet ball!  I was actually pretty good at it.
 Kate with her sweet friends of the week.  They met in Happy Hearts City and had so much fun together.
 Friday night everything wrapped up with a beach party after the last session.
 Ben also made a friend during the week - Gavin (he is Daisee's brother).
 Saturday we had breakfast and headed out.  We had to say good bye to Ileana.  We begged her to come home with us!
It was such a fun week.  A time for us to really slow down and recharge as a family.  I am so thankful it worked out for us to be able to go.  We look forward to going back again soon.