Thursday, June 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Honeymoon

I was thinking about how 11 years ago this week we were relaxing on the beautiful beaches of St. Thomas!!  How nice!!  We had a wonderful honeymoon.  It was so relaxing.  Thought I would do a little trip down memory lane to relive the great trip.  Mind you this was before digital cameras so all we had was a little disposable.  We have a grand total of about 15 pictures from our trip.  

We stayed at Pavilions and Pools Hotel.  We had our own cabana with pool.  It was perfect.  We had a kitchen and several nights we cooked dinner at our place and relaxed by our own private pool.  
 St. Thomas is a beautiful island.  We had a beautiful view of Meghan's Bay from our cabana.
 We did a lot of just sitting on the beach!
 Every newlywed couple has to take a picture of their rings in the sand!
 We also went snorkeling one day over on St. John.  We loved St. John.  It is just a ferry boat ride away and gorgeous!
 And one day we went sea kyaking.  That was some hard work!
 We did some shopping and exploring in the main town on the island.
 We loved walking around in the evenings after dinner.  The sunsets were beautiful.
 We had some amazing food.  The Caribbean flavors were wonderful!
It was such a fun trip!!  We were young and in love.  Maybe one day we will make it back there...