Friday, June 20, 2014

Busy Week

It has been really busy in the Eckley house this week.  Summer is in full swing which means lots of activities and fun things.  I feel like a chauffeur running kids all around!.   Ben has been in FCA Sports Camp all week.  He has loved it!!!  FCA is huge in North Alabama and they do an amazing job.  We have heard great things about the camp for years and Ben has been looking forward to going once he finished 1st grade.  I took him out for breakfast before camp on Monday.  
 He has learned so many great things from sports to the gospel.  He was in the soccer instruction group.  He has loved it.  A bunch of his buddies have also been at camp and in his "huddle."
 Wednesday night was family night and we got to go see a little bit of what their week has been like.  It was so much fun!!  I can see why he has enjoyed it so much.
 The evenings have been full of VBS.  For the past 4 years the kids have gone out to Paint Rock to VBS at the McClure's grandparent's church.  Sunday afternoon we went to the kick off party where Kate got her face painted as a kitty.
 They have had a great week at VBS.  They have been studying the Wilderness Escape of Moses and the Israelites.
 So much fun!!  They have gotten to see some animals and other neat things including a tent/tabernacle.
 While Ben has been at camp during the days Kate and I have been doing some fun activities.  One day we picked up Paige from school and went to the free summer movie.  They were so cute together waiting for the movie to start.

 She and I have spent lots of time at the pool (it has been really hot this week).  She has had some swimming lessons and is doing much better swimming!
 We had to get a frozen yogurt treat one afternoon to celebrate our girl's day.  She is so much fun!
It has been a busy but fun week.  We are all tired and looking forward to a lazy weekend.