Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Disney Day 2- Run Disney Kids Races

We got to sleep in a little bit on Day 2.  Well, sleep in for Disney.  You know we slept until around 7:00 am or so.  We are used to getting up crazy early so that seemed like lots of sleep.  We were all excited for our first full day.  It was such a full day that it is going to take several posts to get through.  It started with a quick breakfast at the hotel. 
 Then it was off to the ESPN complex for the Run Disney Kids Races.  When we learned that it was the Tower of Terror race weekend I knew it would be lots of fun for the kids to participate in the kids races.  they are actually one of the best deals at Disney. $15 for the races which includes a t shirt and medal and other fun swag.  The kids were excited to run.
 Ben was running the 400 meter, Kate the 200 meter and Perry the 100 yard dash.
 There was an awesome deejay playing fun songs before the races started.  The kids loved dancing!
 Evan and Addy were also running so of course there had to be lots of dancing with them!

 Then it was time to race.  Perry was up first.  He did great!  So cute to see him running as a dalmatian.
 Then it was Kate's turn.  She is not much of a runner much like her mom!  But she ran the whole race!  Proud of her!

 Ben's race was up next.  The bigger kids were much quicker!  The races went much faster!

 Ben ran great and finished in the top of his heat!
 Everyone was proud of their medals!!  They earned them!

I thought the kids races were lots of fun and really well done.  It was somewhat organized chaos but well done.  The kids had a lot of fun and it was a great way to spend the morning.  We wrapped things up at ESPN and were excited to hit the parks for the day!