Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Disney Day 7 - Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

One of the highlights of our trip was the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  We had all looking forward to it for months.  We had a family meeting back int he summer and had a family meeting about what our costumes were going to be.  We decided on a family theme of Wreck it Ralph.  It is one of our favorite Disney movies and a unique option.  Matt was the perfect Ralph along with Kate as Vanellope and Ben as Fix it Felix.  That left me to figure out who I could be.  After much debate it was decided that I would be Taffyta Muttonfudge  (a very small unknown character but it was the best option).  We spent months working on our costumes!  It was fun to put all the pieces together (I am not going to lie it was hard but fun).  They turned out awesome!!  We could not wait to get dressed up and head over to the Magic Kingdom.  

 This may be my absolute favorite picture ever!
 The whole family worked hard on their costumes.  Loved the classic Mickey, Minnie and Donald.  Mom and Dad were the perfect Mary Poppins and Bert!  They got so many compliments on their costumes.

 The great thing about the party is the limited number of people in the park which means less lines.  We were able to ride a few rides right as soon as we got into the park.  We had never ridden the Astro Orbitor before so that was a must do.
 Their may have been a few rides on the tea cups.
 And the kids finally got to drive down the Tomorrowland Speedway.

 I had spent hours researching the best way to do the party.  There definitely was a strategy involved.  There is so much to do in just a few hours.  We decided characters were important to us along with the parade and fireworks.  The one set of characters we had to meet was the 7 dwarfs.  It is one of the few times you can meet them all together.  So Kelly and I volunteered to get in line while the rest of the family rode rides and continued to have fun.  We got in line a little before 6:00 and waited an hour until 7:00 when they started meeting.  
 Thankfully we were near the front of the line so we got to meet them just a little after 7:00.  They were a lot of fun and very interactive.  Grumpy showed Kate how to fold her arms for the picture.

 We then headed over to Adventureland for some character meets, candy stops and a few rides.  We got to meet Jafar.
 The kids were really excited about getting some candy!
 Ben could not wait to meet Jack Sparrow.  He was really funny.  Ben said that he talked funny.  I think he had been hitting the rum a little early.
 We got to meet the "old hag" from Snow White.  She really liked Kate for some reason.

 Our party night was sold out so that meant there were still alot of people around.  We were all getting tired and hot by this point so we headed over to Gaston's Tavern for a quick break.  We enjoyed some yummy Le Few's Brew and other special Halloween treats.  It was just what we needed to re energize and keep going.  

 We got to meet the Queen of Hearts.  She was really crazy and the kids really liked her.
 We then headed over to Tomrrowland for the Hallowishes fireworks.  They were really impressive!
 We then made it down to Main Street and got a really great spot to watch the parade.  We were right on the curb near the start of the street.  The kids got to go out and dance on the street in the pre parade party with Phineas and Ferb.  
It was then time for the parade.  It was awesome.  Way better than I expected.  I think our great spot really helped.  The characters came right up to us and we got some great interaction time.  

 The grave diggers and their sparking shovels were really cool!
 We of course were excited to see Ralph and Vanellope, our inspiration for the night.

 After the parade, we still had about an hour left in the park.  We headed over to the Monsters Inc dance party.  I love this picture of Kate and Sully.
 We finished up the night with a few rides and more candy in Fantasyland.  We also snuck in a visit with Daisy.
It was about 11:45 at this point and we were all very tired (and our feet were killing us with all the walking we had done).  So we headed out.  It was such a fun evening full of special memories!


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Your parents are adorable!

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