Monday, October 20, 2014

Disney Day 3 - Animal Kingdom & Chef Mickey's

Back to the Disney posts...  Hope you are ready for lots of pictures because Sunday was a full day of fun for us!!  After about 4 hours of sleep after the race, we were up and headed over to Animal Kingdom.  There is no rest for the weary.  We got there early for rope drop.  It was actually really chilly that morning.  The whole day was just beautiful with perfect temperatures and sunny skies.  

 The kids arrived with my parents after a fun night at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  They were ready for a great day of Disney fun!  It was the fist day the whole family (all 9 of us) were together.
 Up first we headed over to Dino Land to ride Dinosaur.  It was the kids first time to ride and they really liked it.
 Love the ride photo!  We are all very intent that T Rex.
We took a couple of spins on the Triceratops Spin.  

 We of course had to stop for some pictures at the big tree!

 We then headed over to Africa for a ride on the Kilimanjaro Safaris.  It is one of our favorite rides.  It is awesome because it is so long and no two rides are the same.   The kids were so excited.
 We got to see so many fun animals on the safari.  No close encounters but it was still great!

 The kids were excited to get to meet Doug and Russell from Up.  They were really fun characters.
 Lunch was at Flame Tree BBQ which was really yummy.  So much better than regular park food.
 Then it was time to concur Everest.
 Ben was not excited to ride so he hung out with Perry and Andrew while the rest of us rode.  Kate could not wait to ride her first roller coaster.

 Kate loved Everest!!  If you ask her which ride was her favorite she would say Everest!  She got to ride it twice due to rider swap (which is awesome by the way)!!  She was so brave.
 Then we went to the Lion King show.  It is an amazing show.  It is broadway quality and a great break from all the rides.

 We took in the It's Tough to be a Bug show before the rest of the family left for the day.  The Eckleys were still good to go.  We got a quick snack of Mickey bars before continuing to tour the park.
 We headed over to Rafiki's island to meet Rafiki.
 And Chip and Dale!!!  They are Ben's absolute favorite so it was great to finally meet them.  They were so animated and engaged.
 Dale was not happy Ben's ears were on the Chip side so he turned it around.
 We finished up our day at Animal Kingdom with a ride on Kali River Rapids (we were the lucky ones who got soaked and I mean soaked).  We then felt like we had conquered the park so we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.  We had dinner reservations at Chef Mickey's.  

 The best part of Chef Mickey's is meeting the "Fab 5"
 It was our first time to eat dinner at Chef Mickey's.  The food was ok.  Pretty basic buffet food but they did have some amazing desserts which we all enjoyed!
Dancing with napkins is part of the Chef Mickey's fun!
 We were excited to eat dinner with the McClure family.  There is nothing better than Disney fun with your best friends.  And it is made even better when you get to wear matching clothes!
 It was Evan's 8th birthday and he requested that Ben join him for dinner for his birthday.  It was a lively night!
 Donald was excited about Matt's shirt!
It was a fairly early night (9:00 is early for Disney).  It was good we got to bed early because Monday was going to be a very FULL day!!!