Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Disney Day 4 - Magic Kingdom Morning

I have been putting off posting the next Disney post because our Monday was so crazy fun.  There were over 500 pictures just from Monday to go through and get up on the blog.  I have managed to get it down to around 80 and will break it up into 3 posts.  It is sort of sad when it takes 3 posts to do one day but that gives you a good picture of what days at Disney are like.  They are packed full of fun!!  

Monday stared out early with a bus ride over to the Magic Kingdom.  It was the first time we had ridden buses on this trip.  It was a long wait for the bus.  It put us a little behind schedule for the day.  We had never had our car at Disney before but we discovered we loved having our car and being able to drive to all the parks.  It is so nice to have control over when you will leave and not have to wait for buses.  We had heard not to drive to Magic Kingdom so took the bus.  
 The key to doing Disney is to get there early!!!  At least 30-45 minutes before rope drop.  So we were in the first big rush into the park.
 We could not wait to see the castle!!  Can't believe it was day 4 before we saw the castle.  It just worked out that way with our plans but it was fun to save and build anticipation to be in the Magic Kingdom.
 The plan for the morning was to head straight to Fantasyland and ride as many rides as possible in the first couple of hours.  You can ride tons of rides first thing before the park gets busy.  It is best to maximize the lack of crowds.  The day was also a bit princess focused!  First up was a ride on our favorite Peter Pan!!  I just love this ride.  Nothing special but so Disney!
 Then it was Pooh time.  Love everyone's big smiles.  We are all fresh and excited!

 Then it was Dumbo time!  It was closed last time we went with the kids so they had never ridden Dumbo before which is so classically Disney.  This may be one of my favorite pics of the trip!

 We also rode the Goofy Barnstormer roller coaster which quickly became a favorite of the kids.  I lost count of how many times we rode it that week.
 The great thing about the Magic Kingdom is how close everything is.  We were able to park the stroller and just walk around all day.
 Up next was a ride on Journey of the Little Mermaid.  Our princess was in heaven!

 We split up at this point.  Kelly, Andrew and Perry went to meet some characters.  The boys went to ride Buzz and do some other boy stuff.
 Us girls went to meet Ariel.  Kate had been talking about how she wanted to meet Ariel with a tail.  She is one of the best characters at Disney.  So interactive and fun.  Kate loved her!

We also went to check out the Rapunzel bathrooms and take a ride on the carousel.  

 It was 11:00 am by this point and the crowds were starting to build but we had our Fastpasses to use to keep us from having to wait.  Highly recommend riding lots in the morning stand by and then using Fastpasses late morning/early afternoon.  Our first Fastpass was for Enchanted Tales with Belle.  Matt and I had done this back in February and we LOVED it!!  We could not wait to do it with the kids.  It is a truly magical experience where to you get to go inside Belle's house and see her magic mirror.
 You are then transferred into the story where anyone that wants gets to act out parts in the Belle story.  It is so much fun!!  Ben was Belle's father Maurice.  He had to shiver and act like he was in prison.
 Kate was Belle's horse Felipe.  She had to gallop and neigh.  She was so cute and enthusiastic.  She played her part very well!

 The show is so cute.  We loved it!!  I think it was one of my favorite parts of the week.  So fun to see the kids get to interact and be part of the Disney magic.

 We then went over and saw the Mickey's Philharmagic show.  It is a fun 4D experience!

 Then it was time to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!!  This is what we had all been looking forward to.  It is brand new and the waits are crazy (like 90 minutes at all time).  We were lucky enough to score Fastpasses.  It is such a fun ride that tells a great story.  It is a roller coaster but not scary at all.  It is smooth and uses fun new technology.  We all loved it!

 The kids were lucky enough to ride it twice due to rider swap!  Check out Kate with her hands up in the air.  I think she kept them up the whole time.
 We ate lunch at Columbia Harbor house and then headed over to Frontierland for a ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
Hard to believe it was only 2:00 at this point.  We had packed a whole day already but there was still lots more fun to come!!!