Friday, October 17, 2014

Disney Day 3 - Tower of Terror Ten Miler

Saturday was the day that never seemed to end.  After the 1/2 marathon back in February, we (Kelly, Paige and I) thought it would be great to run the Tower of Terror Ten Miler on our trip.  I like to call it leftover endorphins from the long run we had just done.  We were crazy to think we could do it but we did!  All the guys decided to join in as well.  None of us had done much training so we were all a little bit nervous about how we would do.  We decided to do some fun costumes to make up for the lack of training.  Matt, Paige, Kevin and I all dressed up as pirates.  We were able to put together some fun running pirate costumes with stuff we had in our closets.

 Andrew and Kelly were Cruella and a dalmatian.  We were a fun looking group even if we couldn't run far or fast!
 We got on the buses to Hollywood Studios around 7:30 for the 10:00 pm start.  As we learned with the Princess Half there is a lot of hurry up and wait with Disney races.  They did have a really fun dejay that played some fun music that we all had fun dancing to.  We needed it to stay awake while we were waiting.  It was already past our bedtime and the race had not even started.
 We made it to our corrals around 9:00 and then were off promptly at 10:00.  Paige and I were in corral E which made us not too far back which was nice.  There were only about 11,000 runners so not nearly as crowded at the half.  The corrals went off every 2 minutes which was nice and quick.  The fireworks were beautiful to start each group!
 It was so dark so I didn't take many pictures along the race course.  Paige and I did better than we thought we would.  We were about to run the first 3.5 miles without stopping which was pretty good since we had not trained well.  Then we were able to settle into a nice run/walk pace that worked well.  Here we are at mile 5, the halfway point.
 The race was fun but not as exciting as the half.  I think because it was so late and dark played into that.  We did stop for one character - Captain Hook.  My favorite part of the race was running through the ESPN complex.  We got to run through one of the stadiums with cheering fans.  The weather was really great for the race.  It was not too hot and actually got pretty cool once the race was over.
 A little before mile 9 we ran back into Hollywood Studios.  This is where it started going down hill for me.  I "hit the wall" at mile 9.  I really had nothing more to give.  I had to walk pretty much the last mile and started feeling pretty bad.
 But I finished!!!  It was not pretty but it was done!  It was after midnight which is just crazy!  Matt and the rest of the crew did great!  Everyone finished in about the same pace.  We all survived!
 I didn't get many pictures after the race but here is one of Paige and I with our medals.
At this point it was after 1:00 am.  I started getting really sick.  I won't go into all the gory details but I started throwing up and overall not doing well.  Matt figured out I had developed hyponatremia.  We quickly went back to the hotel without enjoying the after party which I hate.  A shower and some salt helped me get better.  Finally getting to bed around 3:00 am was what really helped.  Nothing like a 21 hour day of hard exercise to wipe you out!

I won't say we enjoyed the run but we are all glad we did it and now have the medals to prove it.  Proud of all of us!!  We enjoyed a few hours of sleep before starting another day of Disney fun!