Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Disney Day 2 - Epcot

We went straight to Epcot from ESPN.  Everyone was excited to check out Epcot.  I know a lot of families with kids avoid Epcot but we really like it.  Ben actually said it was his favorite park.  
Our plan was to do a few rides in the front (Mission Space and Spaceship Earth) but then to head back the the World Showcase to explore the countries.  We started off in the England area (which I think could be my favorite).  We ran into Mary Poppins.
 And of course had to take a photo in the Telephone booth!

 Ben had a blast playing the Perry game in the world showcase.  We had a special "communicator" that gave us missions to do throughout the countries.  Ben really got into it.  It was a great way to explore the countries.
 Kate got a little distracted and I found her climbing trees in France.  It is so cool to say you were in England and then France just a few minutes later!
 We hurried (actually it was a long walk around the whole showcase) over to the Norway pavilion to ride the Maelstrom.  It was the next to last day for the ride so we were lucky to have Fast Passes to ride it.  Can't wait to see the Frozen ride it is going to become!
 We then headed back to Japan (walking back and forth all over the largest park probably wasn't the smartest idea based on what we had to do later in the day) to make our lunch reservation at Tepan Edo. I was excited to try this new restaurant.  We all love Japanese food so we couldn't wait to try the hibachi Disney style!
 It did not disappoint.  The food was really good and the atmosphere was great.  So authentic feeling.  I love how the waitresses bowed to us when the came to the table.
 I thought the green tea cheesecake was really good (and pretty).
 We would definitely recommend Tepan Edo!!  It is fun to try out the different restaurants in the World Showcase.
 As we were leaving we happened to run into a character training as it was finishing up.  It is another great way to see some rare characters without lines.  We were able to meet Brer Bear.

 Ben and Matt played some more of the Perry game while Kate and I did some fun shopping!  She enjoyed trying on some hats in the different countries.
 She also enjoyed coloring the fun things they had in the toy store in each country.  That is a great way to engage little ones in the countries.
 We of course had to get a picture in Germany.  It is the motherland of these people!!  Just as a side note Epcot was crazy busy!!  There were times we had a tough time walking because there were so many people.  Weekends of the Food and Wine Festival make Epcot really crowded.  I would suggest avoiding Epcot on the weekends in the fall for this reason.
 We then headed out after riding our favorite ride - Soarin!!  We were all excited for Kate to get to ride it for the first time.  She loved it (who wouldn't it is awesome)!!  We then left the park and made a quick stop over at Animal Kingdom Lodge to drop off the kids.  My parents were sweet enough to watch them for the evening so the rest of us could do some long distance running (or as I like to call it CRAZY)!!  We went back to our room for a quick rest and saw that the maids had fun with Ben's stuffed animals.
So that gets us up until 7:00 pm on Saturday.  It had already been a full day but we still had miles to go before we slept!!