Monday, October 27, 2014

Disney Day 7 - Epcot Morning

This will probably be the quickest Disney post I will do.  Thursday morning started off with an early trip over to Epcot.  There were just a few more things that we wanted to get done at the park so we spent about 3 hours there.  We ran straight over to Test Track.  The kids had never ridden the newly redesigned ride.  They were excited to get to design their own car.  

 And then we got to ride.  The kids loved it!!  It quickly became Ben's favorite ride.  We also rode Mission Space his second favorite ride.  Epcot is his favorite park.
 We then headed over to ride Nemo and Friends and see Turtle Talk with Crush.  Other than a little mishap where I let Perry fall off the Nemo ride it was great!

 We then grabbed a quick lunch at Sunshine Seasons.  Loved the fun Mickey Whoopie Pie.

 And we took one last ride on Soarin!  It's awesome!
 We called it a day around noon and headed back to our hotel.  We had to rest up and get ready because we had an awesome night ahead!!!