Monday, February 23, 2015

A Little More Snow

We have been stuck in this horrible winter weather pattern.  Just about every other day there is rain, sleet, freezing rain or snow (or all 4).  In the past 7 days the kids have only gone 1 full day.  There have been delays and early dismissals all the time.  It hadn't panned into much until Friday afternoon.  It started snowing around noon (kids got out at 11:30).  Quickly we got about 1 inch of snow and slushy ice stuff.  It was great.  Matt got home early from work and we headed outside to play!  It was great to have him home.  He hasn't been home for a snow since the kids were really little.  We had so much fun playing and sledding for about an hour before it got dark.  

 The adults even got in on the sledding fun!!

It was a great afternoon in the snow!  It is looking like we might get some more over the next few days.