Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Phone Dump

I noticed I had a bunch of random pics on my phone so I thought I would get them all up on the blog.  
Sweet picture of Kate and her BFF Paige on her birthday last week!  Aren't they so cute!
 I went and had lunch with Matt one day last week.  I hadn't been to his office since he moved in.  It was nice to bring lunch and get to enjoy it in quiet (well minus his phone ringing off the hook the whole time).  Love getting to see my man during the day!
 We have had a bit of wintery weather the past few days.  School has been delayed each morning for several hours.  We have had extra time together in the mornings.  It has been fun!  Kate didn't even get out of her pjs all day yesterday.  We've enjoyed coloring and Legos and Wii and some movies.  Looks like the rest of the week is going to be cold and yucky so maybe more delays!

 Ben has been working on a book project about Prince Caspian.  It is sad that I have now reached the point where my second grader has passed me!  I have never read this book and he loves it.  I am no help in writing the report!
 I have been making lots of asparagus these days.  Ben hasn't eaten a vegetable since he was 18 months old but in the last few months he is trying all sorts of new things.  Asparagus is his favorite!  He will eat it all the time if we let him.  I am so glad he is branching out and trying new things.
 We have had fun playing with Kate's American Girl doll the last few days.  Today Kate and Kate Jr. dressed alike for dance!  So cute
Well I guess that gets us all caught up on what's been going on.