Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow Day #1

Well, the forecasts were right - it snowed on Wednesday.  And not just a little - alot.  Like 8.5 inches!  That is the 4th most snow in Huntsville history.  Crazy!!!  It started snowing around 2:30 and it was snowed hard and fast.  We went out to play in it for a couple of hours while it was snowing hard!  
 It was such a light and fluffy snow.  Perfect for packing to make snowballs and snowmen!

These guys built this big snowman all by themselves!  It was awesome!  Took all the snow we had at the time in the yard but don't worry it was quickly filled back up!
 There were some epic snowball fights!
 After a couple of hours we were all wet and cold so we came inside for a yummy vegetable dinner and a movie.  We went to bed with snow continuing to fall!  Everyone was excited for another snow day to come!