Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Random Tuesday

So I guess Tuesday is becoming my day for random posts.  Here is what I have for today...  

Ben finished up his reading fair project on Prince Caspian over the weekend.  He did an awesome job on his first really big project.  It looks great and he wrote a great summary.  We will get to go see all the reading projects next week.  
 We have been in full court press the last few days getting ready for a big snow storm.  It looks like it is going to happen!!  3-5 inches of snow.  Guessing we will be stuck inside for a few days.  I try to avoid taking the kids to the grocery store with me but had to yesterday.  I quickly remembered why they don't normally go!  We managed to get everything we needed and are ready to be snowed in!
 Kate's latest obsession is coloring!!  She loves coloring and does it every free minute she has.  I decided to join her last night and we sat and colored together for over an hour.  Kate doing anything for an hour is amazing.  I loved getting to spend time with her doing what she loves.
 Ok I have a problem!  My van is a total mess!!  I can't seem to keep it clean.  It stays so messy.  Full of papers, books, jackets and lots of other stuff.  I spend 3-4 hours a day in the van so I pretty much live there.  It may just be the nature of being a "mom mobile" but I sure would like to keep it clean.  Any suggestions for helping keep it clean?

Well that was totally random but our life.  Now to wait for the snow...