Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wearing Green in February

Green usually comes out in March for St. Patty's Day but it is coming out early this year for our family.  February is Bile Duct Cancer Awareness Day (today is also world cancer day so seems fitting to write about this).  We are so thankful for how well my dad continues to do.  Yes there are ups and downs.  Yes it stinks he is having to get more chemo.  Yes we wish this was not the life we were living.  But it is, and we are choosing to be thankful.  We are thankful that he continues to fight.  Each day is a gift and we seek to treasure them like never before!!  He heads to Texas next week for scans so that is always a time of anxiety but we know God has got this!!  

There is lots of talk these days about moving cancer from a terminal diagnosis to a chronic disease.  We are praying that is what it will be for my dad.  This maybe something we have to deal with for a long time but that's ok.  We will keep dealing if that means more time.  
I was excited I got to go see him today while he got his chemo treatment.  I don't always make it over to CCI so it was special it get to spend some time with him today.  He was extra talkative (he's an engineer so that doesn't always happen).  He apologized to me that I was having to go through this with him.  I told him I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I wish he was perfectly healthy but that is not the road chosen for our family.  We are walking the hard windy road the best we know how.  He is the best dad in the world and I am glad to fight this fight with him.   Some days are easy and I can actually sort of forget what is going on.  Then other days are hard and I do get sad.  Those are the days God shows up and encourages me.  It maybe a text from a friend in front of me in car line saying she is praying or a verse to encourage or just someone saying they haven't forgotten what we are going through.  It means so much!!  My faith has grown like I never knew it could.  So I continue to thank God for this and trust His bigger plan!!