Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Things Around the House

Winter time is always a good time for getting projects done around the house.  I have been working on a few things and also realized I hadn't updated on a few of the redecorating projects from the summer.  So here is what is new around our house...

I had struggled with what to put in the dining room and on the walls but it has all come together in the last couple of weeks.  Kelly gave me a great table runner for Christmas and I found the perfect candle sticks.  
 I went on a search to Home Goods for things for the walls and came across these great frames.  They are the perfect size and color!  My mom had a great book with botanical flowers in it that were perfect (per all the decorating blogs botanicals are all the rage right now).  It came together perfectly and I love it.  Also it was under $50!!

 I moved our Eckley family window into the dining room and it looks great.  I also got lots of fun nick nacks for the side board (my mom gives awesome Christmas presents).  I love how this room has come together!
 My chalkboard got a winter/Easter update!  I am really enjoying getting to be creative with it and do so many fun things!  
I don't think I ever showed pictures of the updated guest room.  I am not done but I may never finish so I might as well post some pictures.  It is a beautiful aqua color and so peaceful!!  
 I found this fun mirror and shelf at garage sales and I am in the process of giving them a little make over to put on the walls.  It will come together eventually.
 We don't have many guests but if you need a place to stay we have a great room and awesome bathroom!
 Complete with a basket full of stuff for guests!
 And finally the porch.  I can't remember if I posted pictures of it or not.  It was 25 degrees today so I took a very quick picture!  We can wait for spring to get outside more.
Well, that's what's new around our casa!  I've got some more work to do in the study/music room but it should be fun!


Nicolle said...

Love all the updates! I'm partial to outdoor spaces and your porch looks so inviting. Spring better hurry up - I didn't move south for temps in the teens and 20's!!