Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend of Love

It was all about celebrating this weekend!  I love Valentines just because it is a fun time for our family to celebrate being a family and loving each other!  Plus I am always looking for an excuse to do fun stuff.  We started off with a guys night out on Friday.  Ben and Matt went to see the Hobbit at Grissom.  They had a great time.  While they were out Kate and I enjoyed staying in and watching the movie Ever After.  Such a girly thing!
 Saturday morning we were lazy and stayed in our pjs for a good part of the morning.  Matt did go run and get us some heart shaped Chic fil a biscuits.  Nothing says love like chicken biscuits!
 Ben and Kate then headed over to Paige's 5th birthday celebration!  LeeAnn did an amazing job throwing a Mardi Gras party for the kids.  It even had a parade with a float where they got thrown lots fun fun stuff (really junk)!  The kids had a blast!
 Since Brad and LeeAnn were providing free baby sitting on Valentine's Day, Matt and I snuck away for a lunch together.  It was great to get to just be together.  It wasn't fancy but it was nice.  It was our 20th Valentines to spend together.  20!!!  That is crazy!  We aren't that old.
 After 20 years he knows me so well...  I hate money spent on cards so he just stuck a post it note on my present.  So sweet!!  Love it!!  And the gift was pretty awesome.  It is a new nice camera!  So excited to use it!
 The kids were excited to get their Valentine gifts.  They both got Wii U games that they are super excited about.  I love giving them gifts.
 We then headed out for our traditional Moes BBQ Valentine dinner.  We have done that for the past 5 years which has become a fun tradition.

 Finally we ended up the night with a fun dessert in the dining room.  I set the table with our fine china and silver.  We drank sparkling juice out of the wine glasses and enjoyed Valentine cookie cake.  It was a perfect end to the day of love!
It was a great weekend for our little family.  I love celebrating love.  It reminds me of how much God loves us.  Our sermon on Sunday was on John 3:16 which was perfect.  "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son!"