Monday, December 21, 2015

Closer to 40?!?!

 So today I turned 35.  I guess that means that as of tomorrow I will be closer to 40 than 30.  What?!?!  I think I just mentioned that I still feel like I am 24 so 40 seems really impossible.  Oh well, I guess I better just embrace it.

It was a tough day in many ways - just a week after losing my dad to have a big event was hard.  But it was a good day overall.  It started off with sleeping late and mimosas in bed since the kids spent the night at my mom's.  My phone was blown up with calls and texts from sweet friends.  I had people stopping by all day for hugs and with gifts.  There were tons of cards in the mail.  I could feel the love all day which I am so thankful for!

We met my mom and brother for lunch at Carabba's which was great.  They showered me with lots of fun gifts.  We had a low key afternoon then the Wrights came over for dinner (brought by a friend).  It was perfect.  I got a yummy Nothing Bundt Cake.
And then we played my favorite game - Catan!!  They did not let me win just because it was my birthday.  Not cool!!
It was a great day spent with all the people I love feeling very showered with love.  I think 35 will be a good year.  And maybe I will just stay 35 and not move towards 40!