Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Graveside Service

On Wednesday afternoon we held a graveside service for my dad.  It was just close friends and family and it was perfect.  The weather was gorgeous (warm!).  My dad was a very humble man so he would not have wanted a big fuss.  He spent 20+ years in the army and retired as a Lt. Col. so he was buried with full military honors.  It was so special to experience.  There was a team of military pallbearers along with a 21 gun salute and taps played by a trumpet.  My mom was presented with the flag from his casket.  We are so thankful for these special pictures that captured the service.  We will treasure them forever!

 Ben and his Grandaddy had a very special relationship.  They were so very similar in so many ways.  Ben has struggled with the loss but the service was special to him.  He protectively held on to the flag so tight.
Thursday afternoon we had a memorial service at our church.  It was an amazing time celebrating a great man's life.  It was full of special memories and a clear presentation of the gospel.  My dad's number one desire was for God to be glorified and we pray that is what we were able to do through the service.  It is never easy to say good-bye but we are assured that he is in heaven which makes it so much easier.  We look forward to when we can join him there!