Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rock, Rock

One of the biggest perks of Kate giving up her paci has been the sweet "rock, rock" times at night and before naps. She has never liked to be rocked but since giving up the paci she loves to rock. I have so enjoyed rocking my sweet girl. She loves to chat and sing while rocking! Some of her favorite songs to sing are "Bears" "Hallelujah" and "God So Loved the World." I know it won't be much longer that she likes rocking so I am hanging on to every second!
I caught this fun picture of Ben and Kate tonight...They make me smile when they play together. They have such a good time together. Sure there are fights (ok there are lots of fights) but really the fun sweet times outweigh the fights! Ben is usually the first one up and he can't wait for Kate to get up. He usually asks me if it is time to wake her up. Kate gets so excited when I tell her it is time to go get Ben from school. They just love being together! It is so sweet. I treasure these sweet memories.